Descending into the Rabbit Hole of Conspiracies with Bakes' Song as a Guide

Descending into the Rabbit Hole of Conspiracies with Bakes' Song as a Guide

In recent years, many people have found themselves going down the rabbit hole of conspiracy theories. Whether it's the education system, ancient history, government, big pharma, big farming and GMO crops with pesticides, 9/11 story, waking up from the matrix, private prisons, pointless wars, censorship, indoctrinating children through media, Annunaki and human origins, ancient cultures all having pyramids, remnants of past advanced civilizations, college being a scam, or the belief that the president is just a puppet, these theories can be alluring to those looking for answers outside of the mainstream narrative. Bakes’ song “Rabbit Hole” is an in-depth guide to conspiracy theories being shared and discussed outside outside of the mainstream media. He suggests that there are many issues we thought we had the answer to, but the truth is far different and often disturbing;

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The Education System:

The belief that the education system is designed to keep people ignorant and compliant is not a new one, and has been around for decades. Some proponents of this theory argue that the government, in collaboration with wealthy elites, is deliberately dumbing down the curriculum and promoting conformity in order to maintain their power and control over the population. They claim that subjects like history and social studies are taught in a biased manner, and that important information is left out or distorted in order to support the government's agenda.

Bakes starts the first verse of “Rabbit Hole” proclaiming, “Schools f****d up, books f****d up, let me care to explain/ Our teachers are paid to teach you what they learned from their masters back in the day/ Now that wouldn’t be such a problem if what they were teaching was accurate.” This alludes to the idea that teachers are simply regurgitating information taught to them by the institution and following a curriculum that was designed to keep students subservient rather than free thinking.

It is also that the standardized testing system is a form of control that limits creativity and critical thinking in favor of rote memorization and conformity. They point to the fact that schools are often underfunded and understaffed, and that teachers are overworked and underpaid, as evidence of a deliberate effort to keep the population ignorant and compliant.

Ancient History and Government:

Conspiracy theories about ancient civilizations and government cover-ups have gained popularity in recent years, with proponents arguing that mainstream institutions are suppressing evidence that could challenge our understanding of the past. According to this theory, there were advanced civilizations in the past that were wiped out by natural disasters or planetary wars, and the government is actively suppressing evidence of their existence to maintain the peace and status quo. Bakes proposes the question, “What do you remember being taught about history?/ Skipping over big mysteries/ These hidden keys.” And “We’re in need of a truth for the people/ We need a government that’s transparent, see-through.” Some believe that advanced technologies, such as free energy and anti-gravity, were available to these ancient civilizations, while others argue that extraterrestrial beings visited Earth and the government is actively covering up evidence of their existence. 

Big Pharma:

Descending down the rabbit hole of Big Pharma's operations brings about startling realizations. Many people are convinced pharmaceutical companies are intentionally suppressing natural remedies in order to maintain a monopoly on the healthcare industry. They downplay the benefit on getting outside in the sun and nature, yet they extract healing compounds from nature and synthesize it into a pill. Skeptics also believe that these companies are actually creating diseases and illnesses in order to sell more drugs, increasing their profits. Essentially, they invent the problem and then offer the solution. Bakes touches on this issue in “Rabbit Hole” with the line “Need to give the whole system a reboot/ And need to stop letting Big Pharma feed you.”

Big Pharma is often associated with life-saving drugs and treatments, but there is also a darker, disturbing side to the industry. One of the most alarming issues is the absurdly high cost of prescription drugs, which often makes it impossible for many people to access the treatments they need. Additionally, the close relationship between gigantic pharmaceutical companies and the medical industry has led to concerns about the influence that they have over medical research, education, and prescribing practices. There have also been numerous cases of unethical practices, such as withholding negative clinical trial results and falsifying data. Furthermore, Big Pharma's lobbying efforts and political campaign donations have helped to shape policies and regulations in favor of pharmaceutical companies, regardless of its effect on public health. 

Big Farming and GMO Crops with Pesticides:

Information about large scale farming and genetically modified organisms (GMO) crops with poisonous pesticides have skyrocketed in recent years. People are growing aware of how corporations in the agricultural industry prioritize profit over the health of the public and the environment. GMOs and the spraying of pesticides have been documented to be dangerous and harmful to both humans and the environment. The line “Need to stop letting farmers use hormones” is a bold statement in “Rabbit Hole”, shedding light on disturbing practices in our food industry. These methods are being pushed, promoted, and standardized by powerful companies with vast budgets who seek to control the global food supply, including nutrient density. Not to mention, pesticides are detrimental for humans to ingest over time, causing a whole array of health problems.

Pointless Wars:

The issue of pointless wars is closely tied to the military-industrial complex, a term coined by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in his 1961 farewell address to describe the relationship between the military and the defense industry. This complex has become a major driver of US foreign policy, as defense contractors and other industry players have a financial stake in maintaining a state of perpetual war and militarization.

Some argue that this relationship creates a "war machine" that prioritizes profit over the lives and well-being of people both at home and abroad. The military-industrial complex has been accused of using political influence and propaganda to justify increased military spending and military intervention abroad, often at the expense of other pressing domestic issues such as education, healthcare, and infrastructure.

Additionally, critics of the military-industrial complex point out that the complex is often at odds with democratic values and human rights. The use of drone strikes and other forms of targeted killing, for example, has been criticized for causing civilian casualties and violating due process rights. The complex has also been accused of perpetuating a culture of militarism and aggression that can lead to the dehumanization and mistreatment of people both at home and abroad. With all these things considered, It puts into the perspective the lyric by Bakes, “I need peace and tranquil instead of war zones.” 

9/11 Story:

Going down the rabbit hole of 9/11 conspiracy theories can be a daunting and overwhelming experience. There are seemingly endless videos, websites, and social media posts that claim to provide evidence of a vast government conspiracy, complete with faked evidence and cover-ups. It's important to keep an open mind and to question authority with a critical eye and to seek out reliable sources of information. Bakes is among those in question, stating “Need to know what really happened on 9/11/ Before I die and I fly to heaven/ All I know is I do not believe the story that they’re telling/ They’ve got a hidden agenda they’re pushing and selling.” 

Some believers of these theories point to supposed anomalies in the official narrative, such as the random collapse of World Trade Center Building 7, as evidence of a larger conspiracy at work. Perhaps the shadow elites responsible were trying to destroy something inside. They also argue that the government's response to the attacks, including the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and unreasonably increasing airport security through TSA, were part of a larger plan to assert control over the Middle East and to expand American dominance, while normalizing spying on Americans and further invading their privacy.

Waking Up from the Matrix:

Going down the rabbit hole of conspiracy theories can lead one to a feeling of being trapped in a never-ending maze of conflicting ideas and theories. The idea of waking up from the matrix is an enticing one, escaping form the mental construct pushed upon society by the powers pulling the puppet strings. Inspired by the movie “The Matrix”, Bakes raps on his song, “Red pill, blue pill/ Really think you’re ready for the truth still?/ Not convinced, you need proof still?”

Waking up from the matrix means universally means questioning the dominant narrative put forth by the media and government, and seeking out alternative sources of information. Additionally, it refers to breaking free from the societal norms and expectations that can restrict individual thought and expression. The concept of waking up from the matrix speaks to a desire for greater self-sustainability, autonomy and self-determination.

Private Prisons:

The concept of private prisons has been a subject of controversy and criticism for many years. Some advocate that these facilities prioritize profits over rehabilitation and justice, with the conditions in many private prisons being subpar and inhumane. Bakes highlights this issue in “Rabbit Hole” with the line “Those private prisons, they’re sending them/ Fighting over these benjamins.” Critics also highlight that private prisons often have financial incentives to keep prisoners incarcerated for longer periods of time, contributing to the high rates of incarceration in the US.

Furthermore, the issue of private prisons intersects with larger societal issues such as systemic racism and inequality. Studies have shown that people of color are disproportionately represented in the prison system, and the use of private prisons may exacerbate this problem by creating a profit-driven system of incarceration. The concept does not seem fair in the slightest; nobody should have private interest in the incarceration of another human.

Censorship and Indoctrination:

The concern about censorship and indoctrination has increased in recent years with the rise of social media and online platforms. The algorithms used by these platforms to curate content have come under scrutiny, with some claiming that they are designed to reinforce beliefs, propaganda and opinions rather than to present balanced and diverse viewpoints. The entertainment industry has also been accused of promoting certain agendas and ideologies in movies, TV, music, and other avenues of escapism while ignoring or marginalizing alternative perspectives. “Rabbit Hole” includes a section on this topic with Bakes saying “They’re trying to hold us with censorship/ But I ain’t about to let them censor s**t/ Swear people lost their common sense and s**t.“ Turning to independent and alternative media sources can help one in seeking diverse perspectives.

Annunaki and Human Origins:

According to the Annunaki theory, the ancient Sumerians believed that the Annunaki were the gods who created humanity. The theory suggests that the Annunaki genetically modified early humans to make them better suited for mining minerals (Particularly gold) and other resources. The Annunaki theory remains a topic of interest for many who are curious about the origins of humanity and the possibility of extraterrestrial intervention in human history. Some proponents of the theory point to ancient artifacts and texts as evidence, while others suggest that the truth is being hidden by the elites in power. 

This topic is elaborated on heavily by Bakes in “Rabbit Hole” via his lyrics: “You really want to know how deep it gets?/ Secrets that we forget/ Ancient texts and aliens/ And hieroglyphs that we can check/ World-wide that all depict/ More or less, identical shit/ Overall, there’s more to this shit/ Questioning human origins/ Because some people believe in Adam and Eve/ Some people believe in Annunaki/ Some believe that we evolved from apes/ I just believe the truth will set you free.” In summary, he acknowledges there are many different theories out there, but the most important point is that nobody knows for sure which one is accurate.

College is a Scam:

Some people believe that paying for college is a scam because the cost of higher education is artificially inflated by universities compared to the return you get in the job market. Some believe the degree itself has lost its value, and it might be more beneficial to become an apprentice or get direct job experience to learn, depending on the occupation. A standout line in “Rabbit Hole” that address this is when Bakes raps “They make it seem like after college jobs are waiting/ As if we’re not dealing with mass inflation/ Economy is f****d up and the houses vacant.” Others believe that college is a way for the government and big corporations to control and indoctrinate young people. Regardless, the fact remains that most college graduates are unable to find good jobs in their field upon graduating, which leads one to question if college is truly worth the money.

President as a Puppet:

Another longstanding, deep rooted-theory is that the President of the United States does not truly have the authority and control to steer the country that people assume. The theory subscribes to the notion that the President is merely a puppet controlled by a shadow group of elites who call the shots. Bakes does not leave the stone unturned as we states, “They take our money on a silver platter/ President is just a puppet/ They’ll tell you anything and just say f**k it.” Some believe that the President actually has little to no real power, despite being hailed as the leader of the free world. It is speculated that the important actions and agendas are dictated by a shadow cabal that includes powerful business leaders and political insiders who work behind-the-scenes.


In conclusion, certain conspiracy theories have become increasingly in popularity in our modern culture. The desire to find answers outside of the mainstream narrative, which has often been proved to tell lies, has led many people down the rabbit hole of questioning different narratives from ancient history to the government and big corporations. Bakes' song "Rabbit Hole" is a deep-dive into the spectrum of conspiracy theories present in society, and asks people if they're ready to find out the truth about subjects they previously thought they had answers to.

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